Dog Grooming

Our goal is to provide your dog with a quality grooming service in a safe and relaxed environment. Our grooming parlour offers a full suite of services for dogs of any size.

The number of appointments per day is limited to ensure a fully personalised and stress free experience for our visitors.

We take the best possible care of your dog using top of the range products in our dog grooming salon. Our small team of professionally trained dog groomers are passionate about the welfare of the animals in their care, delivering the best possible quality service.

Please contact us on 01494 763 111 for appointments or email us at

Services we offer:

FULL GROOM - From £35

  • Consultation with a groomer regarding your dogs hair treatment
  • Two washes in a chemical free shampoo
  • Gland expression (if required)
  • Blow dry
  • Hair styling (example. Hand stripping, hair trimming, undercoat removing)
  • Ear cleansing 
  • Ear plucking (if required)
  • Nail clipping
  • Deodorising natural dog coat spray finish


A two wash bath using a chemical free natural shampoo, blow dry and full brush through, nail clipping, ear cleaning, hygiene trim, feet trim, pad cleaning, finished off with a natural fragrance.


This treatment is designed for wire-haired breeds, this technique takes the dead outer coat from your dog without using scissors or clippers, leaving the new wire coat to grow through and keeping the dog’s natural coat colour and texture. A two wash bath using a chemical free natural shampoo is included two weeks after the hand stripping to prevent skin irritation, along with ear cleaning, nail clipping and pad cleaning.


This treatment is designed to introduce your new puppy to the grooming parlour and is shorter than an adult dog appointment. The service includes a two wash bath using a chemical free puppy shampoo, fluff brush dry, face trimming, ear cleaning, ear plucking, hygiene trim, pad cleaning, finished off with a natural fragrance.

BATH & BLOW DRY - From £25

A two wash bath using a chemical free natural shampoo, blow dry and full brush through, finished off with a natural fragrance.


This wonderful deodorising natural shampoo scented with peppermint, rosemary and lemon- grass is perfect for those dogs who just love to roll! This shampoo removes the dirt and the smell leaving a soft shiny cleansed coat which is then finished off with a rough towel dry and a natural fragrance.




Please note: Prices are based on a well behaved dog with a coat in good condition, an extra charge may be added if your dog is difficult to handle or has a matted coat.

Breed  Price Breed Price
Akita £50 Kerry Blue Terrier £50
Airedale £60  Yorkshire Terrier  £40
American Cocker £50 Labrador £40
Basset £40 Labradoodle £60
Beagle £40 Lhasa Apso £40
Bearded Collie £55 Maltese £40
Bedlington Terrier £50 Mini Schnauzer £40
Bernese Mountain £80 Norfolk Terrier £40
Bichon Frise £40 Norwich Terrier £40
Border Collie £45 Old English £70
Boarder Terrier  £40 Pointer £40
Boxer £40 Poodle (std) £60
Bulldog £40 Poodle (mini/toy) £50
Cairn Terrier £40 Pug £35
Cavalier King Charles £40 Rhodesian Ridge £40
Cavapoo £40 Rottweiler £40
Chihuahua £35 Rough Collie £50
Chow Chow £60 Scottish Terrier £40
Cocker Spaniel £45 Shi-Tzu £40
Cockerpoo £45 Siberian Husky £50
Dalmatian £40 Springer Spaniel £45
Doberman £45 Shar-Pei £40
English Setter £55 St Bernard £70 
Flat Coat Retriever £50 Std Schnauzer £45
German Shepherd £50 Tibetan Terrier  £50
Giant Schnauzer £60 Vizsla £40
Golden Retriever £55  Welsh Spaniel £45
Golden Doodle £60 West Highland £40
Gordon Setter £55  Wire Fox Terrier £40 
Havanese £45